Negotiation Power: Winning Skills for Trial Lawyers
by Dr. Paul M. Lisnek, published by PESI Law Publications

 As lawyers are provided little training in negotiation, this book illustrates the process and teaches the complexities of determining where and how best to open one’s position, the realities and likelihood of where the process will go, the uncertainty of other players’ needs and goals, and strategies, and includes forms for case-specific decisions made daily.  Practitioners at all skill levels will find this useful.

PML-NPOW - Soft cover   $59.95

A Lawyer’s Guide to Effective
Negotiation and Mediation

   by Dr. Paul M. Lisnek, published by West Publishing Company

The first book that combines the art of negotiation with the skills necessary in the fastest growing area of alternative dispute resolution: Mediation.  As more courts demand it, lawyers now need to understand the practice and procedures of mediation.  Extensive forms and checklists allow you to employ proven concepts quickly and strategically.      

 Limited Edition Special!  PML-ENM -  $ 49.95


by Dr. Paul M. Lisnek

Learn to become a master negotiator with this definitive look at the nature and process of this age-old art. You learn from real-life situations which teach the practice of winning at professional and personal bargaining tables. Rediscover the fundamentals including the bottom-line competitive nature of negotiation, verbal and non-verbal keys to winning the mind game, and the critical importance of preparation. Get ready for an entertaining journey into a world where negotiation is a positive, highly-useful process without doubt as old as human life.

PML-WMG - Soft-cover edition   $ 19.95

Winning the Mind Game - Audio

 A primer on negotiation, this CD was especially prepared for executives, business people, etc.  The theory is presented in a practical manner for business and other professionals.

 PML-WMGCD - CD   $ 17.95

Effective Legal Negotiation and Strategies

A lively and interactive program taken from Dr. Lisnek’s live seminar presentation on negotiation.  It contains the essentials of negotiations, including information control, establishing and challenging positions, the stages and styles of negotiations, and the tactics of negotiations.  All presented in an entertaining and practical manner.

PML-LNSCDBK - with Guide to Negotiation and Mediation
book, CLE edition
. . . . . . . . . . 155.00


Paul M. Lisnek

An Emmy, Beacon and Cablefax award winning television anchor/host, a lawyer and jury consultant, Dr. Lisnek appears frequently on CNN and can be heard as a regular legal expert for radio stations around the nation. Paul hosts The Paul Lisnek Show on WVON-am radio, The Talk of Chicago and has been featured and appeared frequently on  NBC News (Today Show and Nightly News), MSNBC, CNBC, MTV, WGN-TV and Court TV. 

Paul anchors "Newsmakers" seen on CNN Headline News Channel in the Midwest, and "Political Update," a political and legal talk show, on the Comcast Network. Through his years as a television anchor and host, Paul has interviewed literally thousands of political, entertainment and social figures. His regular radio appearances include  US99 (Chicago), Paul Harris Show (St. Louis), Jay Allen’s Show (Sacramento), and NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” among many other stations. Paul appeared on "House Hunters-Chicago Edition" on HG-TV and filmed a cameo for the movie "Were the World Mine" to debut in 2008. Paul has also produced several CD's including jazz great Spider Saloff's "Like Glass" and Alexandra Billings "The Story Goes On" in addition to several plays produced in Chicago.

He is also co-founder and CEO of Decision Analysis one of the nation’s leading trial consulting firms with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco.  He is the former assistant dean of Loyola University Chicago School of Law and serves as an Ethics Commissioner for the Illinois Attorney Disciplinary Commission, an Illinois Supreme Court appointment.  MORE


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